And this is my story

I started in the pet world vocationally, doing small rescues and feeding abandoned street animals. 

So much was my vocation, that my house was a small shelter for homeless animals. My mother, who is a nurse, helped me to make small cures to injured and sick animals. 

It was then that my interest in animals and the sensitivity of the care and attention they deserved was clearly awakened.

Because of the culture in which we lived at that time, pets were not part of the family. The dog was clearly an animal that served to protect the house and was fed on leftovers.

 Thanks to the time that has passed and the evolution in the mentality on this issue, pets are now one more member of the family; but at that time, it was not like that.

I remember having a neighbour (who I used to accompany at weekends) who worked in the Animal and Plant Protection Society of Malaga (I was about 15 years old). This shelter was located in an area close to a marginal neighbourhood of Malaga, a rather complicated place. 

The shelter was a large estate, extremely precarious, where they housed at least 500 animals. The sanitary conditions were "what they were" at that time and I think that the institutions did not give the support that such places needed. While my neighbour was doing maintenance work, I was bathing dogs in a pool in a courtyard with zotal and the extra-strength dewormers of the time.

Years later, I started my studies related to the human health area, such as emergency technician, Tcae and pharmacy/parapharmacy... 

But what I really liked were animals, so I decided to find out about training and I found several private training courses, which were the only ones available. 

In order to be certified, I trained as a Veterinary Assistant for the Junta de Andalucía, Veterinary Technical Assistant for the Image Diagnosis Centre (Grupo Galacho Veterinario), Veterinary Operating Room Assistant given by Avepa; in relation with Dog Grooming I did a lot of training courses and seminars, Artero's Conference in Madrid, etc. I acquired a Kerry Blue terrier of the affix of the Cadiera, with which I got to participate in dog shows and others, but I realized that this world did not fill me 100%.

After many years working as a groomer and/or Veterinary Assistant in different Veterinary Hospitals and Veterinary Clinics in Malaga at that time (almost 25 years ago), I could always say the same thing: the time in which I lived in those early years, were not at all, the times of today. The animals went to the groomers when they were already in a deplorable and unsalvageable condition, the external parasites were so visible that the only thing you could do was to shave them and little else.

Thanks to my awareness, training and insistence to the owners, thanks to the evolution of the mentality, to the great influx of foreigners coming to the Costa del Sol, etc... this was changing little by little. It was always clear to me that I wanted to work with owners who could appreciate all those indications that could improve the health and wellbeing of their pets.

At that time I decided to start my own business and Agustín González (veterinary surgeon and friend) transferred the Benahavis Veterinary Centre to my management. 

They were quite hard beginnings, in the midst of the economic crisis of 2010, and despite this, they became years of much growth and demand in the sector. Even incorporating a partner to the project and opening our own Hotel Canino.

In the summer of 2019, after a few years of great business success, but not personal and emotional, I decided to sell my part of all this business and dissociate myself completely. 

It was undoubtedly many years of learning that gave me a very clear vision of what I never wanted to do again.

I joined a dog grooming salon in Marbella called Woof Meou, where I became part of a highly productive team. It was just in that month of March when the pandemic hit and everything came to a standstill. At the same time I was finishing a Master's degree and started thinking about my new project. 

This is when The Black Poodle Groom & Care was born.

My aim was clearly to make something my own, following the basis and concepts of my own criteria.

 After a lot of research and training, I decided that I only wanted to work in dog grooming following holistic concepts and integrating emotional wellbeing into my services.

I trained at a school in the UK as a holistic groomer and am now following my training in integrative and emotional grooming, as well as my training in human health which I can apply to animals in some way.

I am now, for the first time in many years, very happy with the work I do as a holistic dog and cat groomer.

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